Comme le vétérinaire nous l’a prescrit, voici le nouveau vermifuge pour Cookie.

As the vet prescribed, this is the new worming pill for Cookie.



Tu es prêt mon grand ?

Are you ready, big boy?



Mélangé à du yaourt, ça devrait mieux passer… mais Cookie est intelligent, il a touché léché sauf le médicament, alors il a fallu utiliser la force pour qu’il avale.

Mixed with yoghurt, it must go better… but Cookie is clever, he licked everything except the medicine, so we had to go by forcing him to swallow.




[Cookie] Je vous déteste, tous autant que vous êtes !

[Cookie] I hate you, the whole lot of you!



[Cookie] Mais s’il reste du yaourt, je veux bien…

[Cookie] But if there is some yoghurt left, I would like some…

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2 thoughts on “10.11.2013

  1. I hate worming pill as well. Don’t worry, Cookie, all cats hate them 🙂 You were very brave

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