Cookie, mais que fais-tu ?

Cookie, but what are you doing?



[Cookie] Tu vois bien, je rentre dans le sac !

[Cookie] As you see, I’m entering the bag!



Tu n’as rien d’autre à faire ?

Don’t you have anything else to do?



[Cookie] Si, si, je peux me mettre dans le carton avec les draps pliés, c’est mieux ?

[Cookie], Yes, yes, I can go into the cardboard box with the folded sheets, is that better?


Super, on va jouer !
Super, let’s play!

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4 thoughts on “09.11.2013

  1. Greetings human! I really enjoy your blog, so I have nominated you fur the “One Lovely Blog” award!

    Check out this link to learn more!


    • Thank you very very much, that is so kind of you! I don’t know anything about WordPress awards, but if I find one, make sure that I will nominate you =)

  2. digitalgranny

    Such a sweet Cookie. Makes my heart smile.

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