Cookie, c’est un grand jour pour toi, on fait ton rappel de vaccin annuel !

Cookie, this is a great day for you, you’ll get your annual booster shot!



Tu es un peu grand pour ta boîte, mais dans moins d’une heure tout sera fini, le vétérinaire est rapide et soigneux.

You are a bit big for your box, but in less than an hour all will be finished, the vet is quick and careful.



[Cookie] Laisse-moi sortir, pitié !

[Cookie] Let me go out, mercy!


=== Conclusion ===

Tout s’est bien passé, Cookie est en pleine forme et pèse 5.4kg, il a été vacciné pour la leucose et le coryza, et il a un nouveau vermifuge, le tout pour 72.55€, aïe !

Everything went okay, Cookie is in great shape and weighs 5.4kg, he has been vaccinated against leukemia and coryza, and has got a new worming pill; everything for 72.55€, ouch!

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7 thoughts on “31.10.2013

  1. Cookie, are u going abroad or is it just yearly vaccination? I’m glad that you are healthy.

    • Hi Azazello!
      In fact, I am not even officially identified, so I can’t go abroad, it is only my yearly visit to the vet =D

      • Right, so I hope you weren’t that afraid as I always am. I don’t like going there. But, well, for our own good, we have to go, from time to time 🙂

      • I’m too proud to say that I am scared, but I don’t want to enter in the box, and once in the car I meow like a kitten…
        But as you said, this is for our well-being!

  2. I’m proud of you Cookie! I hate getting shots too, but they’re too important. Just take advantage of the chance to get lots of extra snuggles!


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